A Secured
DLT platform

to manage your
commercial communication

As template scrubbing is going live from 1st Feb'21, Please ensure your templates are uploaded & approved by any of the telcos & also ensure your system tested by 20th Jan, else it may lead to failure of traffic.
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Solving the Unsolicited Communication Crisis

VILPOWER is a blockchain-based Stack that empowers individuals to truly own, control and manage
their Commercial Communications, enabling businesses to build trusted relationships with their consumers.

Built for Trust across ecosystem to safeguard users from fraudulent communication and enhance customer experience.

Zero tolerance to data privacy and security by ensuring customer data like consent & preference

Eliminate unregistered telemarketers using Honey pots, Cognitive Computing and AI & ML

Eliminate Phishing and other fraudulent activities through comprehensive mechanism and content verification

Built for Interoperability: Engineered for universal compatibility with both legacy and ledger-based blockchain protocols